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Model No.: Stainless-Steel-Wine-Filtration-System

China Filtration System Manufacturer offers Stainless Steel Wine Filtration System.

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Key Specifications / Features

Wine Filtration System

System Description

• Usually installed before drink machine, to remove the harmful microbes in wine and tiny particles, in order to ensure the biological stability and non-biological stability of the wine.
Due to the traditional plate and frame type paper filter’s complicated structure, large area occupied, troublesome paperboard replaced, high labor intensity and high investment. Nowadays, the wine industry no longer choose this kind of filter.

Filter Material and precision

• Pre-filter
Used to protect the end filter (aseptic filter) and extend its service life, the filter bag using polypropylene material, high throughput and enhanced accommodate dirt capacity. Filter precision 1μm ~2μm。
Used to protect the end filter (aseptic filter) and extend its service life, 
• Protection terminal filter (aseptic filter)
Used to remove the harmful microbes in wine, to ensure microbiological stability of wine. The filter cartridge adopts nylon 66 or PES membrane filter material, filtering precision 0.45μm, with natural hydrophilia. All of material accord with FDA and GMP requirement, with features such as high Temp. resistance, low dissolved matter and low Initial Press pure Drop and long service life.
• Water filter
Start reverse cleaning the pre-filter after water through the filter, and begin to clean sterilizing filter for extend the service life of filter system. Filter Precision 1μm, PP or borosilicate material pleated filter cartridge.

Standard Configuration
• A standard configuration wine filtration system is composed of pre-filter, aseptic filters and the corresponding pipe fittings, valves, pressure gauge and pump. The system adopts stainless steel 316L or 304, argon arc welding, surface mirror polished, sanitary grade design.

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