What is a tube filter housing?

What is a tube filter housing?

Tube filter housing is mainly used to remove a small amount of granular objects in the liquid can be used to protect the equipment, compressors, pumps, meters and other equipment, ensure the normal work, and can prolong the service life of equipment, when the cartridge liquid into the network, blocking impurities in the liquid to live, and then be processed the cleaning liquid is discharged from the filter outlet.

The tubular filter is mainly composed of a main pipe, a branch pipe, a filter cartridge, a flange, a flange cover and fasteners. When the fluid enters the cartridge through a main pipe, the solid impurity particles are blocked in the filter cartridge, and the clean fluid is discharged from the filter outlet through the filter cartridge. When cleaning, unscrew the pipe at the bottom of the plug, drain fluid, remove the flange, remove the cartridge, you can reload after cleaning. Therefore, it is widely used in oil, chemical, sewage and other aspects of filtration. (STAINLESS STEEL TUBE FILTER HOUSING)

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The filter inner and outside surface using mirror polish, interface Ra reach to 0.6um close to sanitary level.
Filter housing adopts quick connection, easy to handle, economical and practical.


  • All kinds of liquid particle filtering
  • Edible oil, beverage, wine filtration
  • Chemical filter
  • Compressors, pumps, instrumentation and other equipment pre-filtering and protection.

Surface Finish

Polishing precision

iInner surface Ra≤0.6μm , 
Outside surface Ra≤0.8μm.

Operating Conditions

Max Operating Pressure

0.6MPa, 1.0MPa

Max Operating Temp.



Screen filter

304, 316L




EPDM, PTFE, Viton, Silicone


Shell connection

Flange (Eyebolt), Tri-clamp

In-outlet N1, N2


Dimension Parameters

1cartidge:5”Screen filter

1cartidge:4”Screen filter

In-outlet 2”

In-outlet 2.5”

In-outlet 3”

In-outlet 2”

In-outlet 2.5”

A:Total height 
(excluding cover and pressure gauge)

621 or 833

621 or 833

B:The distance from inlet to center









D:Height from Inlet N1 to filter cover


The above-mentioned data is the standard, it can customize according to customer’s requirements.

Selection Table

[Qty. of cartridges]

[Model of cartridge]

[Shell material]

[In-outlet Connections]











46, 48, 56, 58

4= 304




Example: 46, “4” means diameter is Φ4, “6” means screen filter length is 600 mm

6= 316L








Tube filter housing to distinguish pre filter and effect
The tube filter housing is basically a filter with a particle of more than 0.5 microns.
The filter above 5 microns is the first effect (coarse effect, prefilter section). 0.5-5 micron filter medium filter section. There is only one most easily penetrated particle size 0.3UM in the filter section of colleges and Universities.

1. The structure is compact and the space is small.
2. The filtration ability is large and the water quality is guaranteed to meet the requirements.
3. The pressure loss is small and the service life is longer.
4. The scope of application is wide.
5. It is easy to use and convenient to maintain. The user can install the cleaning.
6, the price is low, and the cost of production is reduced.

The difference between the pipeline strainer and the tube filter housing
Tube filter housing
(1) structure and filtering principle of tube filter housing.
Tubular filter is a device for removing a small amount of granular objects in liquid. It is usually used to protect other devices such as compressors and pumps during the production process, and extend their service life. The structure of the tubular filter are mainly in charge, pipes, filter, flange, flange cover and fasteners, head is used to let water flow through the filter, and then the impurities are in the cartridge, and the filtered liquid from the filter out into the next process equipment in water pump.
(2) characteristics of tube filter housing
1. The structural design of the tubular filter is very compact, and the space occupied is very small.
2, the filter capacity of the tube filter housing is very strong, it can ensure the water quality of the water to meet the corresponding requirements.
3. The pressure loss of the tube filter housing is small and the service life is long.
4, Tube filter housing is very easy to use, cleaning is also very simple, when cleaning, as long as the rotating plug at the bottom of the open pipe, until the inside of the liquid flow net will remove the flange cover, and then remove the cartridge for cleaning, cleaning and re installed on it;
5. The tube filter housing is widely used in the oil industry and the chemical industry.
6, the manufacturing price of tube filter housing is low, and the cost of use and production is low.

Pipeline strainers

Pipeline strainers and tube filter housings look very similar from the name, but there are still many differences. The general pipepipeline strainer is installed in the pressure pipeline of the hydraulic system. It is used to filter the impurity mixed in the hydraulic oil and the gum, carbon residue, and bitumen produced in the hydraulic oil to filter the particulate impurities. After going out, it can effectively prevent the valve core from being jammed by impurities or the gap in the production equipment being blocked and worn during the process.

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The filtration effect of the in-pipeline strainer is very good, and the filtration accuracy is very high, but it also has its disadvantages. Its disadvantage is that after a long period of filtration, its filter element will be blocked, but its cleaning is difficult, and it is generally suitable for direct Replace the filter, so the cost is relatively large.

Common misunderstandings in daily maintenance of tubular filters
Tube filter housing is widely used in industrial industry, and it is also the main equipment used to control pollution in the system. The daily maintenance of filter is very important. The performance of the machine is important, but in order to maintain the superior performance of the machine, it is inseparable from normal maintenance and maintenance at ordinary times. Therefore, in order to make the oil filter have good working efficiency and ideal working life, not only should we maintain it often, but also maintain it in the right way. However, many people still have many misunderstandings about the daily maintenance of the filter, so it can not only prevent the oil filter from effective maintenance, but also can play a reverse role. Today, see if there are any common misunderstandings in daily maintenance.

Common misunderstandings 1:
If the tube filter housing has a bypass valve, such a filter can not be cleaned or replaced for a long time even if the filter core is blocked. This misunderstanding is due to the cognitive deviation of the bypass valve, and many people think that the bypass valve system and the safety valve of the filter have the same effect. In fact, if the requirement for continuity of work is not very high, it is better not to choose a filter with bypass valve. If such a filter is selected, when contamination is blocked, the transmitter should be cleaned and replaced in time to ensure reliable operation of the system.
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Common misunderstandings 2:

The performance of the tube filter housing is directly linked to the life of the filter. This idea is very one-sided. Only when the quality of the work is guaranteed and the system cleanliness is guaranteed, the longer the life is, the better.

Source: China Tube Filter Housing Manufacturer – www.secmachinery.com

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