What is a duplex strainer?

What is a duplex strainer?

Duplex Strainer is composed of two stainless steel filters, can be customized according to the actual situation. It has many advantages, such as reasonable and novel structure, reliably sealing, good fluidity and easy and simple to handle etc. Also this Multipurpose filtering equipment has wide range of application and outstanding adaptation. Delivery pump can be assembled on the mobile cart, in order to move to any production line for filtering.
Duplex Strainer adopts quick-open connection or flange connection, design pressure are reached to 1.0Mpa.

Duplex strainer or twin basket strainer is a type of filter built into a fuel, oil or water piping system and it is used to remove large particles of dirt and debris. The duplex strainer system usually consists of two separate strainer baskets housings. The system also contains a valve handle placed between the two baskets to divert the flow of liquid to one strainer while the other is being cleaned. On some strainers, the valve will work automatically and the strainer will perform a self-cleaning operation.

These types of strainers are installed in pipeline systems where flow cannot be stopped. Depending upon their NB size they are capable of filtration up to 40 µm. Basket Strainers find use in industries where impurities are mostly solids. Unlike other types of strainers, it is easy to conduct maintenance on these strainers.

Duplex strainers are mainly used in various industries such as process industry, power industry, chemical industry, oil and gas industry, pulp and paper industry, pharmaceutical industry, metals and mining industry, water and waste management, fire fighting industry, refineries and petrochemical plants. Strainers are used to remove hazardous elements that might cause partial or complete breakdown of operations if they get into the system.

The principle of the duplex strainer working time:
The suspension is pumped into each closed filter chamber by a pump. Under the action of working pressure, the suspension is discharged through the filter port, and the residue is left in the frame to form filter cake, so as to achieve solid-liquid separation. The filtrate from the filter housing side entrance into the pipe bag, the bag itself is fitted in the basket to strengthen, liquid infiltration had required fineness grade bag until the qualified filtrate impurity particles in bag interception.
duplex strainer is installed, should pay attention to the protection of the control box, a sensor and a transmission part, to prevent damage in accordance with stainless steel self-cleaning filter body of the arrow direction connecting pipe adjustable electric part, please pay attention to the motor rotation direction and direction of a logo should be installed to consider ease of maintenance, and should be installed bypass pipe. When installing, we should consider the bottom of the discharge outlet as far as possible, so as to facilitate the discharge of the sundries. The discharge pipe receives the draining ditch, and the sewage pipe should not be too long.
The installation of the duplex strainer is used:
When the installation is used, the protection of the control box, the sensor and the transmission part should be paid attention to, and the damage should be prevented.
According to the arrow pointing direction of the stainless steel self cleaning filter
When adjusting the electric part, please note that the rotation direction of the motor should be the same as the direction of the motor.
The installation should be considered for easy maintenance and the bypass pipe should be installed.
When installing, we should consider the bottom of the discharge outlet as far as possible, so as to facilitate the discharge of the sundries.
The discharge pipe receives the draining ditch, and the sewage pipe should not be too long.

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SECGCDⅡ  Duplex Side Entry Bag Filter 

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SECGTFⅡ  Duplex Tube Filter

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SECGLFⅡ  Duplex Basket Type Filter

Application fields of duplex Stainless Strainer:
(1) simple filtration of water for daily life and water for some processes;
(2) some aquaculture centers, which are required for water quality, need to purify the sea water and filter water for some freshwater aquaculture;
(3) when the cooling water is reused in some industries, it is possible to filter the cooling water for many times, thus saving the cost.
(4) simple filtration of circulating water in some other industries, such as steel, oil, chemical, paper, etc.;
(5) after the precipitation, the simple filtration of the surface water and the filtration and purification of the groundwater;
(6) the simple purification of water quality in some public places such as fountain and landscape pond;
(7) filtration of water for watering plants in green belts, etc.
No matter where it is, from the above simple applications, we can see that double tube filter has played a very important role in our life. A simple filter device has improved a lot of our quality of life.

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