What are the quality management measures for pressure vessel manufacturing materials?

Reasonable selection, proper storage and correct use of manufacturing materials are the premise and foundation to ensure the quality of pressure vessel products. In this paper, the material quality management of pressure vessel manufacturing is discussed in order to provide some reference for colleagues in the industry.

precautions for pressure vessel design - What are the quality management measures for pressure vessel manufacturing materials?

As a kind of special pressure equipment, pressure vessel has been widely used in petrochemical, energy, scientific research and military industry. Its quality is directly related to the production safety of these industrial fields, so it must be paid full attention. In order to ensure the manufacturing quality of pressure vessels, the first requirement is to manage and control the quality of vessel materials. If there are quality defects in the pressure vessel manufacturing materials, no matter how to optimize and improve the process, the final product quality can not be guaranteed. Therefore, the reasonable selection, proper storage and correct use of manufacturing materials are the premise and foundation to ensure the product quality of pressure vessels. Based on this position, this paper discusses the material quality management in the manufacturing of pressure vessels, hoping to provide some reference for colleagues in the industry.

Overview of pressure vessel manufacturing

As a special pressure equipment, the manufacturing quality of pressure vessel is very important for the safety application in industrial field. At present, in order to ensure the manufacturing quality of pressure vessels, China has issued corresponding standards and specifications, which must be designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of national standards. In practical application, different types of pressure vessels have different working principles and application fields, which requires that in the process of manufacturing, the manufacturing quality must meet the actual application requirements. In addition, as a kind of special equipment, the manufacturing difficulty of pressure vessel is greater than that of general vessel products. The requirements of quality and safety in the whole manufacturing process are very high, which requires close coordination and cooperation of multiple disciplines. In reality, there are many factors that affect the manufacturing quality of pressure vessels, and any one of them will affect the final product quality. Material selection is the first link of manufacturing, and it is necessary to strictly control the quality. Considering that there are many kinds of materials available in practice, and the final material quality also depends on the control of storage and other links, it is of great significance to strengthen the control of factors related to material quality in the manufacturing process, which must be paid enough attention to.

Matters needing attention in material substitution

In the manufacturing process, if the thick plate is used instead of the thin plate, the structure of the joint may be changed. For example, when the thickness increases more, the welding structure may be changed. When the thickness is replaced by the thickness, even if the local stress at the joint of the head and the cylinder is not increased, the quality of the vessel will be affected to some extent, and the welding, flaw detection and heat treatment processes used in the original design may no longer be applicable. In addition, the material substitution of pressure vessel may lead to the weight change of vessel products, which will affect the supporting support and foundation of the product. In short, in the manufacturing of pressure vessels, it is not allowed to substitute materials casually in principle, because different materials will have different properties. Even if the high quality is replaced by the low one in a certain performance, it may replace the high with the low one in another aspect. All these will make the process measures and schemes adopted in the whole production process must be modified accordingly Changes often result in poor solderability, manufacturing process difficulties, etc., so we must be cautious about material substitution.

Material quality management measures in pressure vessel manufacturing

Material procurement measures

For mechanical manufacturing, the procurement of raw materials is the key to control the quality of final products, and the manufacturing of pressure vessels is no exception. Considering that the order of the current material supply market is quite chaotic, even if the same specification of materials, due to different manufacturers of quality differences are also everywhere, so pressure vessel manufacturers must strengthen the management of raw material procurement. First of all, it is necessary to conduct credit review on the production and suppliers of materials, and select those with good credit and long-term cooperative relationship. Secondly, after the completion of each material procurement, the enterprise should evaluate the supplier’s supply speed, service quality and product quality, and record the evaluation results in the files of material suppliers, so as to provide basis for the selection of material suppliers in the future. Finally, the pressure vessel manufacturers should establish and improve the quality control system of material procurement, strengthen the supervision on whether the purchased materials meet the relevant national and industrial standards, and strengthen the inspection of the material quality certificate provided by the supplier, so as to ensure that the selected materials meet the design performance index requirements.

Measures for acceptance

The quality management department shall strengthen the quality acceptance of the arrived materials, and the inspectors and engineers can check whether the materials meet the requirements of relevant standards. Before the materials are put into storage, the scientific acceptance shall be conducted, and whether the acceptance process meets the relevant process specifications shall be supervised. Ensure that the procedures are complete when the materials are put into storage. The acceptance record of materials shall be filled in accurately. All the above processes must form a clear process specification. Once the acceptance problems occur, the responsibility traceability mechanism can be started immediately to find out the problems existing in the acceptance process and improve them.

Material storage measures

The purchased materials shall be classified and stored in the warehouse, and shall be kept scientifically according to the specification, composition and physical and chemical characteristics of the materials, and the corresponding marks shall be made. The storage warehouse of materials shall meet the relevant requirements of ventilation and drying, and different sensors shall be set in the storage area according to the different materials, so as to monitor whether the storage environment meets the storage requirements of materials in real time, so as to ensure that the materials will not change in quality and quality during storage. Finally, in the process of material distribution, we must strictly abide by the “application review” system, standardize the application and distribution process of materials, and ensure the scientific and reasonable use of materials.

Material recovery measures

Before using the material, the size and specification of the material should be checked according to the relevant regulations and drawing requirements. Only after the inspection is qualified, can it be used for pressure vessel manufacturing. The materials that have been received and are still remaining after manufacturing shall be marked and returned to the warehouse only after the materials have passed the inspection and confirmation.
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