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Model No.: Stainless-Steel-Liquid-Mixing-System

China Liquid Mixing System Manufacturer offers Stainless Steel Liquid Mixing System.

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Key Specifications / Features

Stainless Steel Liquid Mixing System

System composition
Liquid Mixing System is mainly composed of  transmission device, mechanical seal device, temperature control device, shoot the light, sight glasses, stirring device, manhole inlet, steam inlet, condensate water outlet, material outlet, drain outlet, sample connection, 360 °cleaning ball, some of them has orifice plate filter device, weighing metering device, liquid level measuring device, loop device, etc
• Using sterile design, no dead corner,reducing the residual liquid,the inner surface precision polished Ra=0.28μm~0.45μm. Outside surface mirror polishing or 2B.
• Automatic Liquid Mixing System adopts touch screen and PLC control, one-click operation. Flow diagram of craft process is easy to understand. It automatically mixes liquid and transfers material.conveniently and human-friendly.
• On-line automatic CIP cleaning system(automatic testing electric conductivity), On-line automatic SIP sterilization system(automatic testing temperature), On-line automatic filter integrity testing system(integrity detector automatic to lead), On-line automatic filling water weighing constant volume system(automatic weighing), reducing the production cost and labor intensity and guaranteeing with sterile liquid process, clean production.
• Mainly used for biological engineering, infusion solutions, oral solutions, fine chemical industry material preparation
• Used in sterile pharmaceutical preparations, biological agents, vaccines, such as eye drops drug manufacturing.

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