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Industrial stainless strainer sizes should be selected on the basis of allowable pressure drop, not pipeline size. Suction service usually requires lower pressure drops than discharge service.
Where industrial stainless strainers are used for high-viscosity fluids, pressure drops will increase and strainers that are larger than normal may be required to keep pressure drops within reason. Over-sized units may be specified depending on the amount of solids to be removed in parts per million (PPM), and the allowable pressure drop across the strainer.

When designing industrial stainless strainers, the critical velocity is the screen velocity. This is the velocity of fluid through the filtering medium. Screen velocity is usually kept between 3 feet/second and 8 feet/second depending on the type of strainer specified. The higher the velocity, the higher the differential pressure drop.

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China Strainer Manufacturer offers Stainless Steel Duplex (Multi) Strainer.