How to get a high quality filter?

What is a stainless steel filter? 

Stainless steel filter is an indispensable device for conveying medium pipeline. It is usually installed on the inlet end equipment of pressure relief valve, relief valve, constant water level valve and other equipment of square filter. The filter is composed of the cylinder, the stainless steel filter net, the discharge part, the transmission device and the electric control part. The treated water is blocked by the filter cartridge of the filter screen, and the impurities are blocked. When cleaning is needed, it is easy to use and maintain as long as the detachable cartridge is removed and reloaded after processing.

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History of development

Filtration is any of various mechanical, physical or biological operations that separate solids from fluids (liquids or gases) by adding a medium through which only the fluid can pass. The fluid that passes through is called the filtrate.[1] In physical filters oversize solids in the fluid are retained and in biological filters particulates are trapped and ingested and metabolites are retained and removed. However, the separation is not complete; solids will be contaminated with some fluid and filtrate will contain fine particles (depending on the pore size, filter thickness and biological activity). Filtration occurs both in nature and in engineered systems; there are biological, geological, and industrial forms. For example, in animals (including humans), renal filtration removes wastes from the blood, and in water treatment and sewage treatment, undesirable constituents are removed by absorption into a biological film grown on or in the filter medium, as in slow sand filtration.

In ancient China, filtration technology was used in production, and there had been paper made of plant fiber in 200 BC. In 105, Cai Lun improved the paper method. He wandered in dense in papermaking during plant fiber pulp fine bamboo. Water curtain gap filtration, a thin layer of wet pulp stay on the bamboo surface, after drying into paper.

The earliest filtration was mostly gravity filtration, and then pressure filtration was used to improve the filtration rate, and then the vacuum filtration was found. The rotary drum vacuum filter, invented in the early twentieth Century, realized the continuity of the filtration operation. Since then, various types of continuous filters have appeared one after another. Intermittently operated filters, such as plate and frame filters, have been developed for automatic operation, and the filter area is getting larger and larger. In order to obtain the filter slag with low moisture content, the mechanical press filter has been developed.

The working principle of the filter
When the filter is working, the filtered water will enter the water inlet, flow through the filter screen, and enter the pipeline through the outlet to process the user’s required process, and the particulate impurities in the water will be trapped in the filter screen. This constant cycle, more and more particles trapped down, filtering speed more slowly, and imported into the sewage is still Everfount, filter holes will become increasingly smaller, resulting in pressure difference between inlet and outlet, when large difference reaches the set value, the differential pressure transmitter electrical signals will be transmitted to the controller, control system start the drive motor to rotate through the transmission shaft assembly drives the sewage outfall, at the same time open, discharged from the sewage outfall, when the filter cleaning is finished, the pressure dropped to the minimum value, the system returns to the initial filter, the normal operation of the system. The filter is composed of a shell, a multiple filter core, a backwashing mechanism, and a differential pressure controller. The diaphragm of the shell is divided into two chambers, the upper cavity and the lower one. The upper chamber is equipped with a plurality of filter cores, so that the filter space is fully reduced, and the volume of the filter is significantly reduced. The backwashing chuck is installed in the lower cavity. When working, the emulsion entrance into the filter chamber, and the inner baffle hole into the filter. The impurities which are larger than the filter core are intercepted, and the net liquid goes through the gap to the upper chamber, and then it is sent out from the exit. The filter uses high strength wedge-shaped filter net to automatically clean the filter core through pressure difference control and timing control. When the impurity in the filter is accumulated on the surface of the filter element, causing the inlet and outlet pressure difference to increase to the set value, or when the timer reaches the preset time, the electric control box sends out a signal to drive the backwashing mechanism. When the backwash suction port and the filter is imported when the sewage valve is opened, the pressure relief drainage system, the sucker and the inside of the filter is a relative pressure below the negative pressure zone of the filter lateral pressure, forcing some clean circulating water from the outside into the inside of the filter cartridge, adsorption of impurities particles in the filter on the inner wall with the water flow into the Rang disc and is discharged from the drain valve. A specially designed filter makes the interior of the filter produce a jet effect, and any impurity will be washed away from the smooth inner wall. When the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the filter is restored to normal or the timer setting time is over, during the whole process, the material is not broken down, and the water consumption of backwashing is less, which realizes continuous and automatic production. The filter is widely used in the fields of metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, papermaking, medicine, food, mining, electric power and urban water supply. Such as industrial waste water, circulating water filtration, emulsion regeneration, waste oil filtration treatment, continuous casting water system and blast furnace water system in metallurgical industry, and high pressure water descaling system for hot rolling. It is an advanced, efficient and easy to operate fully automatic filter.
The water to be treated by the filter is entered into the body from the inlet, and the impurities in the water are deposited on the stainless steel filter network, resulting in the pressure difference. The pressure difference of the inlet and outlet is monitored by the differential pressure switch. When the pressure difference reaches the set value, the electronic control device gives the hydraulic control valve to drive the motor signal. Equipment installation, debugging by the technical staff, filtration time and cleaning time conversion, the water to be treated into the body from the water inlet filter to begin work, when it reaches the preset cleaning time, electric controller for hydraulic control valves, motor drive signal, triggered a series of actions: the motor drives the rotation of the brush to clean. At the same time filter, the control valve is opened to discharge, the whole cleaning process needs to last only tens of seconds, when cleaning at the end, close the control valve, the motor stops rotating, the system returned to its initial state, began to enter the next filtering process. The inner part of the filter is mainly composed of coarse filter screen, fine filter screen, suction pipe, stainless steel brush or stainless steel suction nozzle, sealing ring, anticorrosive coating, rotating shaft and so on.
A filter is formed by separating the container into the upper or lower chamber with the filter medium. The suspension is added to the upper cavity. Under pressure, it enters the lower cavity through filtration medium and becomes filtrate. Solid particles are trapped on the surface of filtering medium to form filter residue (or cake). During the filtration process, the filter slag layer gradually thickened, the resistance of liquid through the slag layer increased and the filtration speed decreased. When the filter chamber is filled with filter residue or filtration speed for too small hours, the filter is stopped, filter slag is cleared, and the filter media is regenerated to complete a filtration cycle.
The liquid must overcome the resistance by filtering the slag layer and the filter medium, so there must be pressure difference on both sides of the filter medium, which is the driving force for filtering. The pressure difference can accelerate the filtration, but the pore of the filter medium is easily blocked in the large pressure difference after the pressure difference, and the filtration is slowed down.
There are 3 kinds of filtration methods: filtration of slag layer, deep filtration and sieve filtration.
(1) Filter slag filter: the filtration medium at the initial stage of filtration can only intercept the large solid particles, and the small particles follow the filter medium with the filtrate. After the formation of the initial slag layer, the slag layer plays a major role in the filtration, and the large and small particles are all intercepted, such as the filter of the plate frame filter press.
(2) deep filtration: the filter medium is thicker, and the solid particles in the suspension are less, and the particles are smaller than the filter media. When the particles are filtered, the particles are adsorbed in the channel, such as the filter of porous plastic pipe and sand filter.
(3) Filtration and filtration: the solids retained by filtration are greater than those in the filtration medium, and no solid particles are adsorbed inside the filtration medium, for example, the rotary filter screen can filter coarse particles in the sewage. In the actual filtering process, the three ways are often at the same time or successively.

Filtration speed
When the solid particles in the suspension are large and the particle size is uniform, the pore of the filtered slag layer is unimpeded, and the velocity of the filtrate through the slag layer is larger. The application of coagulant to assemble the fine particles into larger masses is beneficial to the improvement of the filtration speed.
For the settlement of solid particles suspension speed filter, filter media used in the upper section, the filtering direction and the direction of gravity, the first settlement of coarse particles can reduce the clogging of filter media and filter residue layer; difficult to filter the suspension in liquid (such as colloid) mixed with solid particles such as diatomite, perlite and other than the thick, can become loose residue layer; filtrate viscosity, suspension can be heated to reduce viscosity. These measures can speed up the filtering speed.

Performance characteristics
1. efficient, accurate filter: filter plate filter technology with special structure, the performance is accurate and sensitive, to ensure that only the particle diameter less than required to enter the system, is the most efficient filtration system; specifications with 5 mu and 10 mu, 20 mu, 55 mu, 100 mu, 130 mu, 200 mu of users according to the requirements of water filter plates with different precision. The flow of the system can be adjusted flexibly according to the needs.
2. standard modular, save land: System Based on standard disk filter unit, modular design, users can be chosen according to demand, flexible and interchangeable. The system is compact and occupies a very small area, and it can be installed in the corner space flexibly. For example, the equipment occupied by 300m3/h or so is only about 6m2, with a general water quality and a filtration grade of 100.
3. automatic operation, continuous water between each unit in the filter assembly, backwashing alternately, automatic switching between working and backwashing state, can ensure continuous water backwashing water consumption; little water accounted for only 0.5%; as with the auxiliary air backwashing, since water consumption can be reduced to below 0.2%. High speed and complete backwash, it takes only a few seconds to finish
4., long life: new plastic filter elements are strong, no wear, no corrosion and little scaling. After years of industrial verification, 6~10 has no wear and aging, and filtration and backwash effect will not deteriorate due to the use time.

5., high quality and low maintenance: products meet the corresponding quality standards. All products are tested and run on simulated condition before going out, without special tools and few components. They are easy to use and require regular inspection, almost no need for routine maintenance.

Main classification
The filter is divided into three types: gravity filter, vacuum filter and pressure filter according to the different methods of obtaining the filter driving force.
With the help of suspension and gravity difference formed in the filter medium pressure as the impetus, generally for intermittent operation, such as sand.
The negative pressure is formed at the outlet of the filtrate as the driving force of the filtration. The absolute pressure of the vacuum filter in the industrial vacuum filter is (2.5 to 8) x 105 pa. During filtration, the temperature of the suspension should be lower than the vaporization temperature of the filtrate under the operating vacuum. The filter is divided into two kinds: intermittent operation and continuous operation. The intermittent operation of the vacuum filter can filter a variety of concentration of suspension. The vacuum filter is filled with suspension in the shell of the container. The filter leaves on both sides are immersed in the suspension, and the inner cavity of the filter is connected with the vacuum system. After the filtrate is sucked out, the catheter is drawn out, and the slag deposited on the surface of the filter is cleared after the shutdown. The continuous operation of the vacuum filter is suitable for thick suspension filter containing solid particles more. The working principle of the rotary drum vacuum filter, the inner filter surface drum vacuum filter, the disc vacuum filter and the dump vacuum filter are all similar. The whole filtering surface is divided into a plurality of separate filtering chambers. Each rotary filtering chamber is connected with the fixed pipes sequentially through the distributing valve, so as to suck out filtrate, lotion, or send compressed air into the filtering room. Every filter room is turned round to complete the whole process of filtering operation, and the operation of multiple filter chambers is connected to form continuous filtration. The structure of the belt type vacuum filter is similar to that of the belt conveyor. It has a continuous filter belt, which is suitable for the easy filtrating suspension. The belt vacuum filter, the inner filter surface drum vacuum filter and the tipping bucket vacuum filter are all fed on the upper part of the filtering medium (filter cloth), especially for solid particles with large density and fast settling suspension.
It uses the pressure exerted on the inlet of the suspension or the mechanical pressing force applied to the wet material as a filter driving force, which is suitable for two kinds of suspensions which require large filtration pressure difference, and also divided into intermittent operation and continuous operation. Tube type filter press and intermittent operation of the pressure filter for low concentration suspension filtration. Filter is also a kind of intermittent operation of pressure filter, also divided into 3 types of plate, box and vertical, very widely used. The oil filter is a plate frame pressure filter set with an oil pump, a vacuum evaporator and other accessories. The continuous operation of drum pressure filter and disc pressure filter is pressure filtration in closed shell, and its structure is similar to rotary vacuum filter and disc vacuum filter. Because of the complex structure, the application is less.
The commonly used pressure filtration is to filter the volume of the filter chamber or to apply mechanical crush force, which has low moisture content of the filter residue and is suitable for suspension with high solid particle concentration. In the belt press filter, the wet filter residue after the initial dehydration of gravity or vacuum is moved between the two bands, and then extruded and deliquid through the roller. The spiral press filter has a porous cylinder, including rotating spiral and deep spiral grooves. The material is added to the shallow groove end by the deep groove end. The space of the filter chamber decreases gradually, the material is pressed, the filtrate is discharged from the pore of the cylinder, and the filter residue is discharged from the small end.
The precision filter is generally between sand filtration (coarse filter) and ultrafiltration in view of the filtration accuracy. Under the action of pressure, the raw water passes through the filter core, the impurity is intercepted on the wall of the filter core, and the water flows through the filter core, thus achieving the purpose of filtering. The size of the manufacturer of filter equipment in China is mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. The products are made of high quality stainless steel, rigid polyvinyl chloride, engineering plastics, PMMA and other corrosion-resistant materials, including stainless steel and stainless steel filters. The built-in filter with PE core, honeycomb core, folded core, titanium tube sintered core, carbon core, ceramic core, polypropylene fiber filter etc.. Different filter elements have different filtering effect. Therefore, precision filter can remove suspended solids, some colloidal substances and fine particles according to raw water quality, effluent quality and water requirement, and achieve different filtration accuracy. The precision of the filter in the market is in the range of 0.2-100um. Precision filters are often used as protective filters for electrodialysis, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and other devices. They can be applied to water treatment in food, alcohol, pharmaceutical, chemical and electronic industries, such as:
Food industry: fine filtration of mineral water, clarification and filtration of drinks and wine. Pharmaceutical industry: water treatment of aseptic water, oral liquid, infusion, needle and so on.
Electronics industry: semiconductor, instrumentation, tube manufacturer such as pure water preparation, washing water filter;
Chemical industry: organic solvent, ester, alcohol, acid, alkali and other chemical raw materials, oil purification;
Environmental protection: treatment of various industrial waste water, such as electroplating wastewater, printing wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater and so on. Water treatment for desalination of sea water and bitter salt water, water treatment of hotels and apartments, etc.
Garden Gardening: Park courtyard, greenhouse, animal husbandry, industry need to make artificial superfine water mist, and the irrigation and maintenance of high-grade flowers.
Performance classification
Pipe filter
The pipeline filter installed in the pressure pipeline of the hydraulic system, hydraulic filter, mixed with colloid mechanical impurity in oil and hydraulic oil chemical changes of the bitumen quality, carbon residue and so on, so as to prevent the valve stuck, orifice gap and damping hole blockage and hydraulic components excessive wear fault the occurrence of. The filter has good filtering effect and high precision, but it is difficult to clean the filter after blocking, and the filter core must be replaced.
Double tube filter

Double cartridge filter

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Performance classification
Pipe filter
The pipe filter installed in the pressure pipeline of the hydraulic system, hydraulic filter, mixed with colloid mechanical impurity in oil and hydraulic oil chemical changes of the bitumen quality, carbon residue and so on, so as to prevent the valve stuck, orifice gap and damping hole blockage and hydraulic components excessive wear fault the occurrence of. The filter has good filtering effect and high precision, but it is difficult to clean the filter after blocking, and the filter core must be replaced.
Double tube filter
Double cylinder filter, also known as double cylinder oil return pipeline filter, is composed of two single cylinder filters and two position six way reversing valves. The structure is simple and convenient to use, and the bypass valve and filter element are used to pollute and jam the transmitter, so as to ensure the safety of the system. Double cylinder filter is mainly installed in the oil return pipe of the hydraulic system, all kinds of hydraulic components produced in the process of working abrasive and other dirt can be set through the oil return line oil filter and intercepted, avoid returning to the fuel tank, hydraulic pump suction again. The oil return line oil filter permits pressure difference according to different the level of pressure, in the range of 0.3 ~ 0.5MPa. The precision is determined according to the requirement of oil contamination. In the work process, need to clean or replace the filter plugging single cylinder filter to a certain extent, to stop the engine work to replace the filter, it is not only a waste of time but can not meet the host continuous work, double filters can effectively solve the problem of single cylinder filter in this area, in the case of non-stop cleaning or replace the filter to ensure the normal and continuous operation of the host. When a filter core is blocked and needs to be replaced, it is not necessary to stop the main engine operation. As long as the pressure balance valve is opened and the reversing valve is turned, another filter can join in the work, and then the blocked filter element is replaced.
High pressure filter
High pressure filters are suitable for filtering out solid and liquid impurities in high pressure compressed air.
That should be the net type filter, in fact, there are many kinds of filters, such as stack filters, sand stick filter, carbon filter, filter, activated carbon filter, diatomite filter, millipore filter, the main principle is to use the filter media pore diameter smaller than the media retain material, of course some filter media also has the special effect of adsorption. Most of the filter backwashing is not so troublesome. As long as we use clear water to import the media from the reverse backwash filter from the one end of the filtered water, we can achieve a good backwash effect.

Industry classification
Hydraulic oil filter: mainly used in the oil filtration industry, including the oil absorption filter, the oil return filter, the pipeline filter and so on.
Filter for food: dust filter, air filter, air conditioner filter.
Medical filter: liquid filter, respiratory filter, blood filter, bacterial filter.

Functional classification
Self cleaning
It is a kind of precision equipment that directly uses filter screen to intercept impurities in water, remove suspended solids and particulate matter, reduce turbidity, purify water quality, reduce system fouling, bacteria and algae, rust and so on, so as to purify water quality and protect other devices of the system.
The main components are: motor, electric control box, control pipeline, main components, filter element, 316L stainless steel brush, frame assembly, drive shaft, import and export connection flange and so on.
Overcome the shortcomings of filter products, such as small amount of pollutants, easily clogged with dirt, filter parts to be disassembled, cleaned, and can’t monitor the state of filters. It has the function of filtrating raw water and automatically cleaning and discharging pollutants. The system can monitor the working state of the filter, and the degree of automation is very high. The requirements for various filtering accuracy from 10um to 3000um are covered. With the advanced technology of international water treatment equipment, it can be installed vertically, horizontally and upside down in any direction. It can be used for water filtration in industries such as industry, agriculture, municipal power, electronics, medicine, food, printing and dyeing, architecture, steel, metallurgy, papermaking and other industries.
Fully automatic
Is widely used in filtration industry a set of equipment, the amount of pollution in the traditional filtration products is small, vulnerable to dirt clogging, the filter part need to disassemble and clean the filter and can not monitor the state and many other shortcomings overcome, with the raw water filter and automatic filter the automatic cleaning function of sewage. It consists of a shell, a multiple filter core, a backwashing mechanism, an electric control box, a reducer, an electric valve and a differential pressure controller. The diaphragm of the shell is divided into two chambers, the upper cavity and the lower one. The upper chamber is equipped with a plurality of filter cores. By using the filtering space, the volume of the filter is significantly reduced, and the backwashing chuck is installed in the lower cavity.
When working, the emulsion entrance into the filter chamber, and the baffle hole into the filter chamber, filter gap is greater than the impurity retention, net fluid through the gap at the top end from the outlet cavity.
Advantages: the full-automatic filtering accuracy is 100 microns by default, and it is optional from 10 to 3000 microns, with large filtration area and high pollutant volume. Users can customize according to the actual working conditions. Cleaning method is simple, and cleaning cycle electronic monitoring, can realize automatic cleaning of sewage. All the parameters in the automatic self cleaning filter control system can be adjusted and so on.
Brush type
There are various kinds of stainless steel brush filter: full automatic stainless steel brush filter, hand stainless steel brush filter. Its main function is to remove suspended solids in water, reduce suspended solids concentration in water, reduce particulate matters, reduce turbidity, purify water quality, reduce system fouling, bacteria and algae, rust, and purify water quality.
The stainless steel brush type filter adopts the patented technology internal mechanical structure, realizes the true sense of high pressure backwash function, and it can eliminate impurities in filter screen easily and thoroughly, clean no dead angle, no flux attenuation, and ensures the filtration efficiency and long service life.
The stainless steel brush filter can automatically backwash through its own retrieval and strain function, which can deal with unstable water quality fluctuation without manual intervention.
In the process of backwashing, the stainless steel brush filters are backwashing operations in every group, ensuring that the filter screen is safe and efficient, while other filters are not affected, and continue filtering.
The stainless steel brush filter adopts the automatic discharge valve, the backwash time is short, the backwash water consumption is little, and the environmental economy is environmental. Less vulnerable parts, no consumables, low cost of operation and maintenance, simple operation and management.

Medium classification
According to the filter media, it is divided into air filter, liquid filter, network filter, light filter.

Development of air filter
The prototype of the air filter is a breath protection device used for the protection of breathing. It is recorded that in Rome, as early as first Century, people were protected by masks made of rough hemp when they were purified of mercury. After that long time, air filters have made progress, but they are mainly used as respiratory protective devices for some dangerous industries, such as hazardous chemicals. In 1827, Brown discovered the movement of tiny particles, and people had a further understanding of the mechanism of air filtration.
The rapid development of air filters is closely related to the development of the military industry and the electronic industry. During the first World War, as a result of the use of various chemical agents, the asbestos filter paper was used as a military gas mask for the smoke filter. Glass fiber filter media used for air filtration was patented in the United States in October 1940. In 50s, the production process of glass fiber filter paper was studied in the United States, and the air filter was improved and developed. In 60s, the HEPA filter came out. In 70s, the HEPA filter with ultrafine glass fiber filter paper was used as the filtration medium, and the particle filtration efficiency of 013 micron particle size was as high as 99.9998%. Since 80s, with the emergence of new test methods, the improvement of user evaluation and the improvement of filtering performance, it is found that there are serious problems in HEPA filters, so a ULPA filter with higher performance has been generated. Countries are still working hard to study, and it is estimated that more advanced air filters will soon emerge.
Performance of air filter
To make the polluted air clean to the state of production and life, that is, to make the air to a certain degree of cleanliness. Air filter how to filter the air:
General air purification equipment filter air can be divided into the following methods and steps.
1, multiple filters – to prevent dust and germs from air into the room
The multiple activated carbon filter can effectively intercept the dust bacteria and filter the air to ensure the indoor air is clean.
2, titanium oxide poisoning — degradation of formaldehyde, benzene and other organic gases in indoor air
Nanoscale titanium dioxide is activated by ultraviolet light, and the filtered air can effectively degrade the radioactive pollution of organic toxic gas such as formaldehyde and benzene in air.
3, negative ion oxygen – increasing the amount of oxygen in the indoor air to keep the content stable
The negative ion generator adds oxygen to the indoor air to ensure that the air entering home keeps full oxygen, full of energy, and the filter is strengthened.
4, PTC ceramics heating — heating indoor air to comfort temperature
PTC ceramic heating plate in winter to enter the indoor air to assist preheating, the appropriate increase of indoor temperature, thus filtering air, so that home warm and comfortable.
The UV sterilization — powerful pandemic virus to kill airborne bacteria in
The ultraviolet light source has strong effect to kill the epidemic virus bacteria in the air, make people away from the source of infection, filter the air and care for the health of the whole family.
Filter is an indispensable device for conveying medium pipeline. It is usually installed at the inlet end of pressure relief valve, relief valve, constant water valve or other equipment, which is used to eliminate impurities in the medium so as to protect the normal use of valves and equipment. When the fluid enters the filter cartridge with a standard filter screen, its impurities are blocked, and the cleaning filtrate is discharged from the outlet of the filter. When cleaning is needed, the removable cartridge can be removed and reloaded after processing, so the use and maintenance is very convenient.
High efficiency air
The high efficiency air filter is generally used as the end of the filter, so the requirements for the high efficiency filter are also the most strict. The efficient filter, as the end of the filter, is the most critical level in the filter at all levels and requires extra “viewing”. The most fundamental way to prolong the service life of a high efficiency filter is to keep the dust in the prefilter. Instead of stopping production and debugging, the experienced owners will put their attention and money on the pre filter. For the 10000 and 100000 level clean workshop. The F8 filter is selected for pre filtration, so that the service life of the end efficient filter is generally up to five years. In the domestic and foreign project new project, the F8 filter is a pre filter of non uniform flow deanroom most common. For the 100 grade, 10 or higher level clean workshop of the chip factory, the common efficiency level of the pre filter is H10, and many new projects are required to choose HEPA. In the past design of the clean room air conditioning system in the past, the common configuration of the filter is: the coarse efficiency and efficiency. The service life of the high efficiency filter was only 1–3 years, and the worst was a few months. It can be seen that the efficiency of the pre filter determines the life of the end filter.
To make the contaminated liquid clean to the state of production and life, that is, to make the liquid achieve a certain degree of cleanliness.
Liquid filters are common: swimming pool integrated filter equipment.
Swimming pool integration equipment in the modern pool industry market is a mainstream product selection direction. Swimming pool integration equipment with its technical content, its design concept, brainstorming to the swimming pool equipment market to create a new impact. Swimming pool integration equipment is a swimming pool filter, disinfection, cycle as one of the swimming pool equipment, has become a mainstream product in the pool equipment market.
The swimming pool integrated equipment has played an irreplaceable role in the operation of modern swimming pool. Its characteristics are three points as follows:
First, the position can be placed near the pool, the noise is small, the safety factor is high.
Two, the installation is simple, reducing the workload and high efficiency.
Three, small in size, buried in the ground, which can be vacated to give the pool to beautify the effect.
By setting up the garbage information, the information on the computer screen can be met as much as possible.
The principle of the same absorption is to separate the light of different colors and to absorb some of the light that is not needed.

Classification of action
Oil absorption filter
The filter is located on the suction line of the pump to filter the contaminants entered through the air hole in the oil tank and protect the pump. However, in order to avoid the cavitation of the pump, we must pay full attention to the pressure loss. Generally, 100 to 200 purposes are used for the coarse metal mesh or the concave metal wire material. Therefore, it is not a filter to control the pollution concentration of the system.
High pressure pipeline filter (A)
On the outlet pipe of the pump, it has the function of protecting the pollutants from the system. Therefore, the pollutant concentration of the system can be controlled. However, because of the high pressure in charge of the road, to be affected by the pulse and pressure of the pump, so the material and strength of the filter element should be carefully considered.
High pressure pipeline filter (B)
In order to protect the hydraulic parts that are particularly sensitive to pollution, this filter is installed, also called a terminal filter. Therefore, it is often smaller than the filter size of other filters. Therefore, it is necessary to choose large capacity when using. In addition to the material of the element, the strength is the same as (A) to take full consideration.
Reflux filter
The function of the system in the oil recovery line is to capture the pollutants produced or intruded in the system before returning to the tank. Therefore, it is the most effective and most important filter for controlling the pollution concentration of the system. Although it is a low-pressure pipeline, but according to the operating conditions of the transmission device, there will be a pulse or pressure impact, so the material and strength should be fully considered. Inlet pump
Circulating filter
The system has large capacity in the oil return way, so it is often used when requiring strict cleanliness. Even if the system is not working, it can also capture the contaminants in the tank, so the efficiency of reducing the pollution concentration is the best. In addition, the cooler is installed, which can be cooled at the same time, easy to repair and so on. But the need to use a special pump and motor, high cost.
Air filter
It is located on the tank to prevent contaminants from mixing the oil tank with the air because of the change in the oil quantity of the tank. Therefore, the filtering accuracy should have the same performance as the filter. The capacity should be left with enough leeway, so as to prevent the hole pressure in the fuel tank due to the obstruction of the hole, resulting in the cavitation phenomenon of the pump. Pay special attention when the environment is bad.

Other types
For the above filter test rig, the test before the experiment must strictly on purification system, so the test system and test system for service systems are equipped with pollution into the filter, the filter and the filter test is different, its precision requirements, dirt capacity requirements than the precision of the filter is the test is high, two kinds of filter the same difference in the test system, the filter is called filter test rig, the test is called test filter.
The most commonly used method of mechanical filtration sewage treatment, according to the different filter media, mechanical filtration equipment is divided into granular media filter and fiber filter two, mainly in the sand and other granular medium filter particle filter as the filter medium, and through the sand filter adsorption pore retention of suspended solids in water filter, advantages it is easy to recoil, the disadvantage is slow filtering speed, generally not more than 7m/h; less interception, the surface of the filter core filter layer only; filtering precision is low, only 20-40 m, is not suitable for high turbidity sewage containing rapid filtration.
Highly asymmetric fiber filtration system using asymmetric fiber material as filter material, the filter for the asymmetric fiber, in fiber bundle filter based on the increase of a nucleus, which has the advantages of fiber filter and particle filter, due to the special structure of the filter, filter bed porosity soon formed large gradient of low density the filter, filter fast, interception, easy backwashing, through the special design, the dosing, mixing, flocculation and filtration process in a reactor, the device can effectively remove the suspended organic matter in water, reduce water COD, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, especially suitable for temporary a pool of circulating water suspended solids filtration.
Scope of use

  • 1, aquaculture recycling water treatment;
  • 2. Cooling water and industrial circulating water treatment.
  • 3, the treatment of eutrophic water body, such as river, lake, family waterscape, etc.
  • 4. Reuse of medium water

Mechanism of action
1, asymmetric fiber filter structure for efficient automatic gradient density fiber filter core technology is the use of asymmetric fiber material as filter material, the fiber tow end is loose, the other end of the fiber tow is fixed on the proportion of solid body, large filtering, the proportion of solid nuclear large played on the fiber tow compaction effect, at the same time. Because the nuclear size is small, not for uniformity of filter section porosity.
Thus, the pollution ability of the filter bed is improved. The filter bed fiber filter has high porosity, specific surface area, high filtering speed, and large amount of sewage filtering accuracy, when suspended by logistics fibers on the surface of the filter, in Fan Dehua under the action of gravity and the electricity, suspended solids and fiber adhesion is much larger than the adhesion force with quartz sand, there are to improve the speed of filtering and filtering accuracy.
When washing, because the core and fiber proportion difference, tail fiber with backwashing water dispersion and the swing, have a strong rejection force; mutual collision between the filter also increased the mechanical force by fiber in water, the irregular shape of the filtering material in the filter backwash water and air flow produced by the action of rotation and strengthen the mechanical shearing force of filter materials by the interaction of these forces are attached to the results easily in the solid particles on the fiber surface, thereby improving the cleanliness of this filter, asymmetric fiber filter and has the function of particle filter backwash.
2. The structure of continuous gradient density filter bed
The filter bed composed of asymmetric fiber bundle filter in compaction flow, flow resistance through the filter layer, from top to bottom, gradually reduce the head loss and flow faster, the degree of compaction of material is more and more high porosity, more and more small, so along the flow direction, the automatic formation of gradient density filter the distribution layer continuous, forming an inverted Pyramid structure of the. The structure is very conducive to the effective separation of suspended solids in the water. That is, particles that are desorbed on the top of the filter bed are easy to capture and intercept in the narrow channel bed, so as to achieve the unification of high filtration rate and high precision filtration, improve the amount of filter interception and prolong the filtration period.

  • 1, high filtration accuracy: the removal rate of suspended solids in the water can reach more than 95%, which has a certain removal effect on the impurities such as macromolecular organic matter, virus, bacteria, colloid, iron and other impurities. After the good coagulation treatment of the treated water, when the influent is 10NTU, the effluent is less than 1NTU.
  • 2, the speed of filtration is fast: it is 40m/h, up to 60m/h, which is more than 3 times more than ordinary sand filter.
  • 3, the amount of pollution is large: it is generally 15 ~ 35kg/m3, and it is more than 4 times more than the ordinary sand filter.
  • 4. The water consumption rate of backwashing is low: the water consumption of backwashing is less than 1 ~ 2% of the periodic filter water.
  • 5, the dosage is low and the operating cost is low. Because of the structure of the filter bed and the characteristics of the filter material itself, the dosage of the flocculant is 1/2 ~ 1/3 of the conventional technology. With the increase of periodic water production, the operation cost of tons of water is also reduced.
  • 6. The area is small: the same amount of water is made, and the area is less than 1/3 of the ordinary sand filter.
  • 7. Strong adjustable. The filtering precision, the capacity of the cross cut and the filtration resistance can be adjusted according to the needs.
  • 8. The filter material is durable and the life span is over 20 years.

Technological process
The flocculation dosing device in the circulating water pump to the flocculant, the raw water through the booster pump booster, the flocculant pump impeller after mixing evenly mixing raw water by fine solid particles suspended and colloidal substances by micro flocculation reaction, flocs quickly generate volume greater than 5 microns, flows through the filter pipeline into the highly asymmetric fiber filter. By flocculation filtration interception.
Stainless Steel Y-Type Filter

Stainless Steel Y-Type Filter (water filter) is a series of pipe coarse filters, and can also be used to filter large particles of gas or other medium, which can be installed on the pipe.

20180205210505 95535 - How to get a high quality filter?

The larger solid impurities in the fluid can make the machinery and equipment (including compressors, pumps, etc.) and meters work and run normally, so as to achieve the stable process and ensure the safety production. The Y filter (water filter) has the advantages of simple production, convenient installation and cleaning, and large amount of pollution.
Disc filter

20180205210608 56241 - How to get a high quality filter?

The disc filter is a device used in the filter system by the filter unit.

The disc filter is composed of a combination of filter units. The filter unit is mainly composed of a group of annular reinforced plastic filter plates with grooves or edges. When filtering, the sewage enters from the outside side, and the rim formed on the edges of the edges of the adjacent filter plates intercept the solids in the water. When the backwashing is carried out, the water is washed out from the inside of the annular filter plate, and the dirt left on the filter plate is washed down and discharged through the sewage outlet.
The disc is stacked together by tight compaction in the unit, and the middle trench of the upper and lower two layers of the disc plays the role of filtering and intercepting. When the raw water flows through the filter unit, it is extroverted, and the impurities that are larger than the groove will be intercepted outside. The core components of disc filter are stacked plastic filter discs. Special trenches or edges are arranged on the filter discs. The grooves or edges on the adjacent filter plates form a certain size channel, and the particle size is larger than the channel size.
The suspended solids are all intercepted to achieve filtering effect. To a great extent, the product can replace the traditional mechanical filter, such as sand filter, and its performance is superior and the water power consumption is far lower than that of other products.
Disc filter design different structure at the edge of the filter plate on both sides, these edges are added together constitute a blocking section, the curve edge mainly to intercept and store suspension, with slightly larger lateral open design can ensure the backwash without loosening the filter plate, can achieve the effect of backwash thoroughly in the water pressure is low; the annular edge to determine the filtering precision and the water channel, filtration precision filter plate can provide up to 5 mu. When the raw water enters the middle of the two layer filter plate, it first flows through the curved edge to the inside of the disk, but it can not be directly entered. At this time, the ring edge is the key to filter and intercept. The impurity smaller than the size of the ring groove can enter the curve edge which is interconnected with the interior along the ring-shaped edge, and the large impurity is intercepted.
The unique structure of the filter disk also makes the backwash process that contaminate is washed out more simply and easily, without the need of complicated motors and actuators and so on. The simple water flow is enough to rush the dirt out of the filter element. This excellent performance reduces the backwashing time of the filter, and at the same time, because dirt is stored not only between the filter disc group and the outer shell, but also can be stored inside the filter disc group, so the filter can hold more dirt.
At the beginning of the effect
FA PF first effect filter
Initial effect plate filter FA PF first effect filter
FA a PF first effect filter before the filter pleat, the first layer of galvanized iron mesh attached to the air surface of the filter, this layer of iron net not only protect the filter material
It can also prevent the filter from deformation due to wind pressure, so that all the filter materials can be fully utilized.
Special needle manipulation is used to process filter fiber and make it form gradual structure. So the filter has high dust catching and long service life.
The outer frame of the filter is made up of a sturdy waterproof board, which is used to fix the foldable filters. The design of diagonal lines on the outer frame provides large filter areas and tightly adheres the internal filters to the outer frame. All around the filter special adhesive glue and adhesive frame, can prevent air leakage or damage caused by the drag due to pressure.
The filter is divided into three sizes, 1”, 2” and 4”. The filter area is five times that of the general flat screen. It has longer service life and higher filtration efficiency than a glass fiber filter or artificial fiber filter.
It can be used directly or as a primary filter to protect the middle and high efficiency filters in the rear section of the air conditioning system.
The fiber is processed by special needle rolling manipulation to form a gradual structure. So the filter has the characteristics of low pressure loss, high dust capture and long service life.
The coarse filter system of general air conditioning can prolong the service life of the Bag Filter and HFPA filter and the coarse filter net of the factory waste gas and the processing dust.
Water tap
Essential information
Specifications: high 60mm color: light blue, light pink, white (randomly issued)
Composition: 1 filters and 1 joins
Material: PS plastic, zeolite, activated carbon (coconut shell), PVA nonwoven fabric
The requirements for material and water quality requirements are produced according to the “health safety and function evaluation regulations of drinking water processor”.
It can remove the residual chlorine, heavy metals and other impurities in the tap water. The water quality is more sweet and hygienic.
This product is through the internal layer of water filter to achieve rapid stratified filtration and purification effect:
The nonwoven filter water in the slag and visible impurities; coconut activated carbon can reduce the alkaline substances in the water;
The silicate zeolite can remove the residual chlorine ion, and residual ammonia and some heavy metal impurities and odor, make the water more sweet and health;
Coconut shell activated carbon, coconut shell material: high quality products, good adsorption capacity, high strength, uniform particle size. The appearance is black, with developed space, high adsorption rate, good strength, stable performance, easy to regenerate, durable and so on. It can effectively remove the odor and color of the water, and can effectively help people to remove carcinogens, make the water clear, soft and soft. It is widely used in the deep purification of drinking water.
All the product has the advantages of small volume, convenient handling, suitable for old and new kinds of taps;
The use of this product can immediately reduce and control tap water flow, prevent splash, save water.
Scope of application
Because the specifications of the faucet are different, to enhance the sealing effect of the installation.
The raw material (sealing belt) can be properly used during the installation process.
Matters needing attention
1 avoid the use of hot water for a long time. It is better to use it below 50 degrees.
2 when first use, there will be black water outflow, which is caused by the powder of basic activated carbon, and can be used normally after 5-10 seconds of water release.

Installation method
It is divided into three kinds: flange connection, thread connection and welding.

Principle of selection
1. The import and export Path:
In principle, the inlet and outlet diameter of the filter should not be less than the inlet diameter of the matched pump, which is generally in accordance with the inlet pipe diameter.
2, nominal pressure:
The pressure level of the filter is determined according to the maximum pressure that may occur in the filter line.
3, the choice of mesh hole:
The main consideration of the intercepted impurity particle size is based on the process requirements of the medium. The size size of the intercepted screen of various specifications can be checked for “filter screen specification”.
4. Filter material:
The material of the filter is generally the same as that of the connected process piping. For different service conditions, it is possible to consider cast iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel or stainless steel filter.
5. Calculation of the resistance loss of the filter
Water filter, under the general calculation of the rated flow rate, the pressure loss is 0.52 ~ 1.2kpa

Installation position
The pressure in the low voltage device below 140kg/cm2, common only installed suction filter, but also should install the return filter and air filter.
The pressure above 140kg/cm2 in general, high pressure liquid reflux device, ordinary filter control pollution concentration. But when there is a special requirement for reliability, a high pressure pipe filter should be used.
The electromagnetic proportional control valve or micro flow adjusting valve to increase its reliability, should set the terminal filter.
The use of servo valve, the system should strive to reduce the pollution concentration, therefore, should be with high pressure and return filter; in large capacity, to set up a loop filter should be installed in the auxiliary line terminal filter.

Matters needing attention
The installation position of the oil filter in the hydraulic system is usually the following:
It should be installed in the pump suction mouth:
Surface oil filters are usually installed on the oil suction roads of pumps. The purpose is to filter out larger impurity particles to protect hydraulic pumps. Besides, the filtration capacity of oil filters should be more than two times of pump flow, and the pressure loss is less than 0.02MPa.
It is installed in the oil pump on the outlet:
The purpose of installing the oil filter here is to filter the contaminants that may invade the valve and other components. The filtration accuracy should be 10~15 mu m, and it can withstand the working pressure and impact pressure on the oil road, and the pressure drop should be less than 0.35MPa. It should be installed at the same time
The safety valve is used to prevent the blockage of the oil filter.
It is installed in the system back to the oil on the road: the installation of an indirect role in filtering. In general, a backpressure valve is installed with the filter and the back pressure valve is opened when the filter is blocked to a certain pressure value.
The system installed in the branch circuit.
The separate filtration system: large hydraulic systems can be designed for a hydraulic pump and oil filter composed of independent filter circuits.
In the hydraulic system, besides the oil filter needed by the whole system, a special fine oil filter is often installed in front of some important components, such as servo valve and precise throttle valve, so as to ensure their normal work.
Selection points
When selecting an oil filter, consider the following points:

  • The filter accuracy should meet predetermined requirement.
  • It can keep enough through flow capacity in a long time.
  • The filter has enough strength, not because of the role of hydraulic damage.
  • Corrosion resistance of the filter, can work continuously in the specified temperature.
  • The filter cleaning or replacement is convenient.
  • Therefore, the filter shall be selected according to the technical requirements of the hydraulic system according to the filtering accuracy, flow capacity, working pressure, oil viscosity and working temperature.

Test principle
The bubble point method test principle: when the membrane and filter the solution with a certain completely infiltration, and then through the air in the side of the pressure (we instrument inside inlet control system, can stabilize the pressure regulating air), with the increase of pressure, the gas released from the membrane side, membrane side size, ranging from the number of bubbles. Through the instrument to determine a corresponding pressure value is bubble.
The diffusion flow test principle: diffusion flow testing is that when the gas pressure in the filter bubble point value of 80%, had not yet emerged a large number of gas holes, only a small amount of gas dissolved in the liquid phase of the first diaphragm, then from the liquid phase diffusion to the other side of the gas phase, the gas said the diffusion flow.
A better way: why the diffusion flow bubble point value is only a qualitative value, from the beginning to the final group of blistering blistering is a long process, not an accurate quantitative. The measurement of diffusion current value is a quantitative value, integrity can not only determine the accuracy of the filter, but also reflect the membrane porosity, flow rate and the effective filtration area and other issues, and this is also the reason why foreign manufacturers are used to test the integrity of diffusion flow.
The water intrusion testing principle: water invasion method for hydrophobic filter test, hydrophobic membrane resistance to water, the smaller aperture, the water need to squeeze into the hydrophobic membrane more pressure. Therefore, under certain pressure, the water flow in the filter membrane is measured to determine the pore size of the filter core.

Industry standard

  • CJ/T 3068-1997 high polymer sintered microporous tube filter
  • GB/T 13554-2008 high efficiency air filter
  • GB/T 14295-2008 air filter
  • GB/T 14382-2008 pipe three pass filter
  • GB/T 17486-2006 hydraulic filter
  • HG/T 21637-1991 chemical pipe filter
  • HG/T 4085-2009 pressure fiber bundle filter
  • JB/T 7538-1994 pipe basket filter
  • Water treatment filter in SY/T 0523-2008 Oilfield
  • YY-T 0142-1994 air filter for transfusion and blood transfusion
  • JB-T 7374-1994 pneumatic air filter
  • HG-T 20570.22-1995 pipe filter
  • Air filter for JB-T 6417-1992 air conditioning
  • JB-T 9044-1999 high gradient magnetic filter
  • YY0286.1-2007 disposable precise filtration infusion set
  • JB/T 10410-2004 automatic backwashing filter for industrial water use

Maintenance of the filter
(1) Filter
1, the core part of the filter is the filter core parts. The filter core is composed of filter frame and stainless steel wire mesh. The stainless steel wire mesh is suitable for damaged parts, and needs special protection.
2, when the filter works for a period of time, there is a certain impurity in the filter core. When the pressure drop increases, the flow rate will decrease, so we need to clear the impurities in the filter core in time.
3, when cleaning the impurities, we should pay special attention to the stainless steel wire mesh on the filter core which can not be deformed or damaged. Otherwise, the filter installed after filtration will not meet the design requirements after filtration, and the compressor, pump and instrument will be destroyed.
4. If the stainless steel wire mesh is found to be deformed or damaged, it needs to be replaced immediately.
(2) Precision filter

20180205210721 57428 - How to get a high quality filter?

1, the core part of the precision filter is the filter core, the filter core is made up of special material, which is suitable for damage and needs special protection.

2, when the precision filter works for a period of time, the filter core holds a certain amount of impurities. When the pressure drop increases, the flow rate will decrease, so we need to clear the impurities in the filter and clean the filter element.
3, when removing impurities, special attention should be paid to precision filter elements, which can not be deformed or damaged. Otherwise, the filter cartridge will be filtered and the purity of media will not meet the design requirements.
4. Some precision filter cores can not be repeatedly used, such as bag filter core, polypropylene filter core and so on.
5, if the filter core is found to be deformed or damaged, it needs to be replaced immediately.
Three. Pay attention to rust prevention, brush paint or butter at the flange and keep insulation

Application industry
The garden lawn, agricultural irrigation.
The total water filtration system, food, textile, electronics, mining, foundry industry.
Water filtration, nozzle pulping and papermaking, metallurgy and machinery industry.
General circulation water filtering the food, electricity, mining and smelting industry.
The medicine, petrochemical, air conditioning and heating system cooling tower circulating water filter.
Pretreatment of sewage, petroleum chemical industry, mechanical and electrical, ion exchange medicine.

Filter screen is mainly stainless steel wire mesh.
Stainless steel wire mesh (stainless steel net)
Material: SUS201, 202, 302, 304, 316, 304L, 316L, 321 stainless steel wire
Weaving: plain weave, twill, forty-five woven
1 mesh –635 mesh of stainless steel wire mesh. The dense twill weave case reached the highest 2800 orders.
304 stainless steel net generally refers to “18-8” (18% chromium, 8% nickel) is most of the basic stainless steel alloy, very suitable for net cloth. It can be exposed to the outside and will not be rusty or oxidized when the outside temperature rises to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.
304L stainless steel net is very similar to T-304, and the difference lies in reducing the carbon content, better weaving and re welding.
The 316 stainless steel mesh can be stabilized by adding 2% molybdenum, and T-316 is a “18-8” alloy. It is less vulnerable to corrosion in brine, sulphur water or halide than other chromium nickel stainless steel. For example, chloride is an obvious example. The most valuable feature of T-316 is that it has a stronger ability to resist creep at the rising temperature. The other mechanical and structural features are the same as that of T-304.
The 316L stainless steel net is very similar to the T-316, and the difference lies in reducing the carbon content, making it better for weaving and re welding.
Usage: because stainless steel has the properties of acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance and temperature resistance, it is often used for screening and screening (filter screen) under acid and alkaline environment. The oil industry is used as screen mesh, chemical and chemical fiber industry as screening screen, and electroplating industry as pickling net.

Filter element
As the name suggests, the precision filter core is the heart of the filter, and the filter core is used mainly in the filtering industry, such as oil filtration, water filtration, air filtration and so on.
1, precision filter core permeability: the filter core uses the strong hydrophobic and oil drain fiber filter material, and adopts the skeleton with good permeability and high strength to reduce the resistance caused by crossing.
2, precision filter core efficiency: the filter core adopts Germany’s thin open Kong Haimian, which can effectively prevent oil and water from being entrained by high-speed airflow, so that small oil droplets passing through can be gathered to the bottom of filter cartridge and side by side to the bottom of filter container.
3, precision filter core tightness: the combination of filter core and filter shell adopts a reliable sealing ring to ensure airflow is not short circuited, and prevents impurities from entering downstream directly without filter element.
4. Anticorrosion of precision filter core: filter core adopts anti-corrosion reinforced nylon end cover and anticorrosive filter core framework, and can be used in bad working conditions.

Source: China Stainess Steel Strainers Manufacturer – is one of the leading china filtration equipment & sanitary stainless steel pressure vessels manufacturer, with professional factory. We focus on the sanitary pressure vessels, filtration equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales and service since the company been established. Our products is widely used on bio-pharmaceutical, food and beverage, fine chemical industry. 

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