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Model No.: Stainless-Steel-Gas-Aseptic-Filtration-Syste

China Filtration System Manufacturer offers Stainless Steel Gas Aseptic Filtration System.

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Key Specifications / Features

Gas Aseptic Filtration System


Inlet  N1 Flange
Outlet N2 Tri-clamp
Steam Inlet N3 Tri-clamp
Pressure gauge backup interface N4/N5 Thread

Standard Configuration

• A standard configuration Gas aseptic filtration system is composed of pre-filter, aseptic filter, steam filter, and the corresponding pipe fittings, valves, pressure gauges, etc.The system adopts stainless steel 316L or 304, argon arc welding, surface mirror polished, sanitary grade design.

Application Fields

• Cold saccharifying wort oxygenation
• Fermentation/bright beer tank air inlet for press
• Ventilate for extend yeast growing
• Filling the gas pressure
Fermentation/biopharmaceutical industry
• Fermentation tank inlet and exhaust aseptic filtration
• Seeding tank inlet sterile Filtration
• High pressure disinfection inlet filtration
• Storage tanks sterile room inlet filtration

Cartridge Material And Precision

• Pre-filter
Filtering precision is 0.5μm(filter precision of liquid is 5μm), Polypropylene material, n folding structure, big filter area, gradually-varied pore diameter structure, 226 connection type(clamp). The main purpose is used to protect aseptic filter cartridge.
• Terminal filter (aseptic filter)
Filtering precision in air is 0.01μm(filter precision of liquid is 0.2μm), PTFE or Polyvinylidene fluoride membrane filter material, folding structure, high throughput, 100% antibacterial efficiency, can sterilize with steam online.  226 connection type(clamp). 
• Steam filter
Absolute filter filtration precision is 3μm, stainless steel sintered filter, can be reused after cleaning.

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