Automatic gelatin solution and batching system

The gelatin solution and batching system is design with mature concept and is proved by practices in years with full consideration of the actual needs; the whole process and control of manufacturing production adheres rigor at all time, the core components adopt international brand, ensuring products’ stability and reliability.
Secmachinery automatic gelatin solution and batching system is equipped with pouch feeding station, automatic vacuum system, automatic deaeration system, hot water circulation system, automatic CIP workstation, double mixing plastic tank and high speed mixing tank.
With modular design concept and in compact structure, a set of equipment meets various production needs of different dosage forms.

20171230220355 69475 - Automatic gelatin solution and batching system

20171230220423 49614 - Automatic gelatin solution and batching system

  • ● dust-free feeding (bottom vacuum feeding / online blending feeding) 
  • ● precise automatic deaeration (kalymma high automatic alarm, automatic vacuum and degassing) 
  • ● cross contamination prevention (special dry gas mechanical seal to prevent pollution caused by oil seal) 
  • ● fast and convenient cleaning (independent CIP system cleaning) 
  • ● flexible formula management (all program are modular design. According to the nature of different drugs, we choose and match modules to achieve a various ingredients needs)

Technical Specification

● Modularize program design
● Special dry mechanical seal 
● Bottom vacuum feeding 
● Independent CIP system 
● Automatic vacuum and degassing

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