Automatic extraction and slagging system

Automatic extraction and slagging system composition

The multifunctional extracting tank device is composed of a multifunctional extraction tank, a condenser, a cooler, a filter and a pneumatic control system of slagging outlet. Multifunctional extraction tank has several structures–positive conical type extraction tank, mushroom type extraction tank, straight cylinder type extraction tank, tapered extraction tank, inverted conical type extraction tank. Whether there is Agitator, it can be divided into dynamic extraction tank and static extraction tank. The material-contacting part of the tank is made of stainless steel, with good corrosion resistance fully meeting the GMP standard.

20170601195141024102 - Automatic extraction and slagging system


Suitable for dynamic extraction of tea, herbs and other plant leaves with water as solvent medium.


• Multi function extraction tank equipment complete sets use the food hygiene level design, no dead corner to minimize the residual. The inner surface fine polishing precision from 0.28 μm to 0.45μm. The outer surface is mirror polishing or 2B drawing board.

Automatic Tea Extraction and Discharge Line has the advantages of high efficiency, convenient operation, high degree of automation reducing staff numbers and the labor intensity, automatic slag is clean and sanitary, avoiding the environmental pollution problem.

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