Application fields and advantages of stainless steel tanks

In many stainless steel applications, stainless steel tanks made of special stainless steel are not common in daily life, or even if they are not seen in the field. Compared with general plastic tank, stainless steel storage tank to high pressure and high corrosion resistance, depending on the application requirements also has high strength and other special place.
But the most commonly used high-pressure occasions stainless steel tanks and stainless steel tanks, has a very special characteristic, namely the sealing performance of the pot body can completely isolate air exceptional, invasion of harmful substances and the mosquitoes, ensure that the liquid storage tank is not affected by external pollution, can not breed insect, so most of the stainless steel tank is used for storage and transportation of food, drugs and other important items, in addition to the stainless steel tank is widely used in the brewing industry and dairy industry.
Compared to other materials made of tanks, the use of stainless steel tanks has many advantages, and the main points are the following.
First of all, the stainless steel tank has strong corrosion resistance because of the material used, and it will not be corroded by the residual chlorine in the air and water from the outside. And every stainless steel tank will bear the super pressure test and inspection before leaving the factory, and the service life of stainless steel tank can reach more than 100 years at atmospheric pressure.
Secondly, the stainless steel tanks are well sealed, sealed design can be completely isolated from the harmful substances and the mosquito invasion of the air in the tank in the dust is excellent, water tank will not guarantee the pollution.
The third point is that the scientific design of water flow can make the sediment on the bottom of stainless steel tank do not turn over because of the water flow. It ensures that the life water and fire water are naturally stratified, and the turbidity of domestic water from the stainless steel tank is reduced by about 50%. However, the water pressure will increase significantly. In this way, the performance of domestic water and fire protection water equipment will be enhanced.
The final point is that the stainless steel tank does not need to be cleaned regularly. The precipitated substance in the water of the tank can be discharged only by opening the drain valve at the bottom of the tank. And every three years or so use a simple equipment to clean up a scale, which can greatly reduce the cost of cleaning and completely cut off the pollution of external pathogens.
Source: Network Arrangement – China Stainless Steel Tanks Manufacturer

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