Analysis of common misunderstandings in daily maintenance of tube filter housing

Tube filter housing is widely used in industrial industry, and it is also the main equipment used to control pollution in the system. The daily maintenance of filter is very important. The performance of the machine is important, but in order to maintain the superior performance of the machine, it is inseparable from normal maintenance and maintenance at ordinary times. Therefore, in order to make the oil filter have good working efficiency and ideal working life, not only should we maintain it often, but also maintain it in the right way. However, many people still have many misunderstandings about the daily maintenance of the filter, so it can not only prevent the oil filter from effective maintenance, but also can play a reverse role. Today, see if there are any common misunderstandings in daily maintenance.
Common misunderstandings 1: if the tube filter housing has a bypass valve, such a filter can not clean or replace the filter core for a long time even if the filter core is blocked. This misunderstanding is due to the cognitive deviation of the bypass valve, and many people think that the bypass valve system and the safety valve of the filter have the same effect. In fact, if the requirement for continuity of work is not very high, it is better not to choose a filter with bypass valve. If such a filter is selected, when contamination is blocked, the transmitter should be cleaned and replaced in time to ensure reliable operation of the system.
Common misunderstandings 2: the performance of the tube filter housing is superior to the life of the filter. This idea is very one-sided. Only when the quality of the work is guaranteed and the system cleanliness is guaranteed, the longer the life is, the better.
Source: Network Arrangement – China Tube Filter Housing Manufacturer

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