A mushroom round tank: multi-function extraction tank

The extraction tank is a common extraction equipment in the pharmaceutical chemical industry, which is especially suitable for the extraction of the components in the plant products. The structure has a tank, the tank axial position of the device or propeller propeller propeller, and the axis of rotation of the disc is connected with the outside of the tank, which is characterized by continuous countercurrent leaching with a group of inclined extraction tank, between the outlet and the inlet is connected to form a communicating device, a single tank the low-end upper has a material inlet, with lower residual liquid outlet, the upper part of the high-end is provided with a liquid inlet or outlet, the lower part of a discharge port.

stainless steel multi function extraction tank - A mushroom round tank: multi-function extraction tank

Performance introduction:
The extraction tank is a multi-purpose equipment for the design of the traditional Chinese medicine plant, boiling and lifting process. In this process, the extraction can be extracted, the alcohol is recovered and the volatile oil is separated. In addition to the main equipment of the extraction tank, the equipment is attached with the foam collector, the cooler, the oil-water separator and so on. All these equipment are made of stainless steel with the drug contact, and the heating interlayer is strictly tested by the pressure vessel inspection department. The equipment is made up of condensers, oil-water separators and so on during the extraction process, and is completely sealed and circulated in the system. At the same time, organic solvents are recovered from the waste residue.
Extraction principle:
(1) such as water: water and medicine into the extraction tank, the tank began to sandwich heat after boiling to reduce the supply of heat, can keep the pot boiling, maintenance time based on Extraction of pharmacological process, such as enclosed extraction to the cooling water, the cooling steam after the body back to the extraction tank and keep the cycle and temperature.
(2) such as alcohol extraction: first drug and alcohol added to the tank must be closed to open source sandwich steam, cooling water supply to reduce heat so that the tank reaches the required temperature, the vapor rising through the condenser into liquid alcohol after alcohol reflux can, in order to improve the efficiency, the available pump forced circulation of the liquid from the tank the lower part of the pump suction cylinder and the upper inlet back to the tank, remove the local channel.
(3): first the extraction of oil containing volatile oil of Chinese medicine and water into the extraction tank, open circulating valve oil separator, adjust bypass reflux valve, open the valve to supply heat source when the evaporation temperature of open the cooling water for cooling, the cooling liquid should maintain a certain height of the separation in the separator, and then a oil-water separator rotation.
(4) recovery of oil: add alcohol to the cylinder, open the cooling water to the steam, and then open the recovery valve.
Product classification:
Extraction tank series: positive conical tank, mushroom type tanks, cylindrical tanks, oblique conical tanks and inverted conical tanks.
Principle and operation:
The working principle of the extraction pot is pure Chinese herbal medicine decocting process, soaked in water, heated by steam, after a certain time, the extracted effective ingredients, decocting time, decide according to the properties of different materials and dosage of Chinese herbal medicine for shape and effective components extraction difficulty is not the same, not uniform provisions, recommended dosage of not more than three of the volume of equipment when appropriate, aromatic extract oil, two times by condensing steam, cooling, oil and water into the oil-water separator, oil discharge in the separator, heavy oil discharge in the lower part, the water through the overflow discharge or recirculation (see nozzle orientation and use of specific processes installation diagram) end of the required vacuum liquid boiling, can not only shorten the time of liquid but mainly can be effective in slag residual liquid is pumped to avoid waste. The dregs arch node (commonly known as the “bypass”) slag has difficulty, driving the lifting cylinder, the lifting rod under reciprocating motion, assist the arch broken slag, slag as basic medicine so far.
The operation and precautions of the decocting method of the extraction tank and the matters needing attention:
The extraction tank can be used as water extraction, alcohol extraction, hot reflux extraction, circulation extraction, volatile oil, and recovery of organic solvents in the residue.
Decocting method is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine extraction extraction tank, refers to placing processed herbs in the extraction pot, add water to boil the amount, the medicinal effective components spread to the water to form a leaching solution, the leaching solution was poured out, then decocting two or three times, discard the dregs can be extracted effectively to extract component.
A. decocting:
(1) a proper amount of water is generally processed without about 10% of the medicinal materials.
(2) the temperature at the beginning of the heating is high, and the temperature can be cooled and the liquid can be slightly boiling.
(3) the time of decocting is determined according to the properties of the hardness and granularity of the pieces.
For those with high hardness and large granularity, the decoction time is a little longer. Generally speaking, the boiling time is 20~40min after boiling. The number of decocting is mainly depending on the category of the slices. The decocting time of the tonic, such as ginseng and antler, can be longer, and the number of times is more. In general, it should be decocted two times.
B. note:
(1) the medicinal materials should be processed pure medicinal materials.
The amount of water should be 6-8 times as much as the quantity of the medicinal materials.
It should be heated until after boiling only to start the time.
C. advantages:
(1) this method is simple and easy to decoct out most effective components.
It is especially suitable for the medicinal materials which are soluble in water and stable in temperature and heat.
D. shortcomings:
The selectivity of the active ingredients is poor, and the impurities are more, and the refining is difficult.
It is easy to be mouldy, corrupt and deteriorated, and it is not easy to preserve.

Some heat resistant and volatile components are easily destroyed, volatilized and lost during the process of boiling and cooking.

Stainless Steel Multi function Extraction Tank

Multi function extraction tank is a mushroom round tank. The bigger upper part provides large boiling and baffling room to process all material without leakage. The smaller lower part attribute to the quick heating advantage, short heating time and high extracting efficiency. Agitator or jacket type (tank body and the bottom head is equipped with the jacket and insulation layer) can be customized. Inner wall of tank body transition section adopts circular arc transition,, no dead corner, easy to clean; Tank inner wall are mirror polished, meeting the GMP standard.
Multi-function extraction tanks can be designed as positive conical tank, mushroom type tanks, cylindrical tanks, oblique conical tanks and inverted conical tanks according to the customers’ requirements.

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• There are varieties of volume from 2000L~8000L, also it can be designed and customized according to the customers’ requirements.
• Pneumatic control self-locking type discharge door ensures no leakage and it is fast and safe under the sudden electricity off and gas off. 
• Connector uses tri-clamp, inner tank use SS304 or SS316L, the inner surface mirror polishing Ra≤0.28μm~0.6μm. Outer surface can be polished, wiredrawn, sandblasted according to customer’s requirement.

Tank Optional Configuration

Optional Configuration: sterile air filter, thermometer (digital display type or dial), pressure gauge, sight glasses, sanitary manhole, in-outlet, CIP universal rotating cleaning ball, level gauge, etc., or configured according to customers’ requirements.

• Suitable for food, chemical industry, atmospheric, decoction, wet leaching, heat reflux, forced circulation penetration, aromatic oil extraction and organic solvent recovery, especiallly for Dynamic extraction or countercurrent extractio, short time and high content of material.

• Suitable for dynamic extraction of tea, herbs and other plant leaves with water as solvent medium.

Design Parameter

Design pressure


Design temperature






Rock wool (keep warm)

Support lug




Tri-clamp, Flange

Surface Finish

Finish type

Mechanical/electrolytic polishing, 
sand blasting,pickling

Polishing precision

Inner surface Ra≤ 0.4μm, 
Outside surface Ra≤ 0.6μm

Normal Model And Main Technical Parameters








Effective volume:L



























35(screw)(Can adjust the design according to the customer’s usage)

The above-mentioned data is the standard. It can be customized according to customer’s requirements.

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